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A visit to la vallée de ferney throws people of all ages into a luxuriant and breath taking natural scenery, 7 days a week. Nature captures the attention of visitors right from the start, with the picnic garden where visitors can walk up to a coffee plantation, as well as admire the endemic Latania Loddigesii (Latanier bleu or Latanier de l’ile Ronde). La Vallée de Ferney's port of call is the visitor’s center where trained guides provide detailed information on the forest reserved, the trek and pedagogical information on the biodiversity being preserved in Ferney. Visitors also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the shop within the visitor’s center before or after their visit.

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coffee museum

Visitors have the opportunity to taste the local Ferney’s coffee in the minimal coffee museum. It is interesting to know that this coffee is planted in Ferney’s garden. (The coffee tasting will depend on coffee availability due to our small production.)

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coffee museum
falaise rouge falaise rouge
our garden our garden

Nearby the village of Ferney, Falaise Rouge is an estate that stands majestically in the bay of Grand Port. Wrapped in a tropical garden of traveller's Palm and Indian Almond trees, this newly renovated site fully dedicated to delicious Mauritian cuisine, offers a panoramic view on this historic bay, witness of the only victory of the Napoleonic naval forces against the British.

Falaise Rouge is ideal for your business or family meals, your end of year parties, your dinners, cocktails or weddings, your seminars and board meetings, as well as the launching of your new products.

Contact Number : 634 0440 / 5729 1080

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our garden

Ferney’s garden is an idyllic place to have a walk or to simply sit down for a while admiring nature beauty. It is there that we have our coffee plantation and Ferney’s restaurant kitchen garden.

Experience the maurician food at ‘La Caze Farata’ and if you wish you can make your own faratas.(On reservation only)

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our nursery our nursery
pedagogical outings pedagogical outings

Our nursery is vital for our conservation plan. Once the juvenile plants are plucked from the soil it is repotted in our nursery among a wide variety of endemic species. In the nursery, they grow to reach a level of maturity in order for them not to die when they are replanted in the conservation zone.

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Our Nursery
pedagogical outings

La Vallée de Ferney, with its 200 hectares of land is a reference among eco-tourism sites which provides an unforgettable and unique experience to students. By visiting La Vallée de Ferney, the students will learn more about the endemic species which they would have already heard about at school and which can help in their school projects. The students will be contributing to a conservation project and this can make them eco-responsible citizens.

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Pedagogical Outings
falaise rouge falaise rouge
endemic cruise endemic cruise

Every day as from 12 pm, our team feeds a kestrel family at La Vallée de Ferney.

The kestrel is the Mauritian falcon. This bird is protected and can only be found in Mauritius.

It was in danger of extinction in the past. Fortunately nowadays thanks to the work of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and the National Park Conservation services, the island counts around 400 kestrels including 15 pairs within La Vallée de Ferney.

The visitors coming to La Vallée de Ferney will be able to see them just a few yards away. This is unique in Mauritius.

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endemic cruise

"Avec la collaboration de Croisière Turquoise, La Vallée de Ferney vous propose une activité hors du commun qui relie terre et mer.

Le Ferney Cruise est une ballade exceptionnelle qui vous permet d'aller au devant de l'endroit qui est considérée comme le berceau de l'ile Maurice.

De la nature verdoyante a la clarté de l'eau, vous pourrez jouir, en famille ou entre amis, d'une journée bien remplie et des souvenirs pleins la tête..."

Itinerary will be as follows:

09:00 – Welcome by the Skipper and the guide & Departure from Pointe Jerôme jetty on the speedboat

09:20– Arrive at Bois des Amourettes’ jetty

  • Leave jetty for Visitor’s Center
  • Welcoming & Briefing by one guide
  • Visit of the coffee museum & the garden
  • Transfer to the drop off point for hiking
  • Start hiking (a bottle of water will be given to each guest)
  • Plant a tree or Adopt a tree (optional) (inform La Vallée de Ferney 24hrs prior)
  • Kestrel Feeding
  • Lunch at the Ferney Lodge

13:15– Departure from la Vallée de Ferney

13:30 – Back on speedboat

  • Visit of South East islands ( Ile au Phare, Ile de la Passe)
  • Snorkeling (equipment available on board)
  • Small swim in the lagoon

(Snacks & drinks will be served on the speedboat – juice/soft drinks/local beer/rum)

16:00 – Back to Pointe Jerôme

WINTER MONTHS: Guests are advised to bring warmer clothing such as windbreakers

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Starter: Green Salad with smoked marlin

Main Course: A la carte (Choose one)

  • Ferney venison vindaloo dished up with rice sprinkled with parsley, tomato salad and black lentils soup
  • Fried Dorado Filet with its Creole sauce, served with vegetables pickles with turmeric & steamed rice
  • Grilled Chicken Breast served with green and black pepper sauce and French fries
  • Roasted wild venison with potato puree & the Chef’s secret sauce
  • Chinese style venison
  • Vegetarian menu also available upon demand

Dessert: Sorbet or Ice Cream

(One juice/soft drink/water/beer & one coffee/tea is included during lunch)

To bring & to wear:

  • Towel and spare clothes
  • Sun block
  • Cap or hat
  • Camera
  • Walking or sport shoes with socks highly recommended
  • Mosquito repellent
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