Visit the Valley

A visit to Vallee de Ferney throws people of all ages into a luxuriant and breath-catching natural scenery, 7 days a week. Nature captures the attention of visitors right from the picnic garden on the grounds near the Ferney Sugar Estate mill where visitors can walk up to a small coffee plantation as well an individual of the endemic Latania loddigesii (Latanier bleu or Latanier de L’ile Ronde). The Vallee de Ferney port of call is the Visitors’ Centre where trained guides provide detailed information on the forest reserve, the trek and pedagogical information on the biodiversity being preserved in Ferney. Visitors also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the shop within the Visitors’ Centre before or after their visit.

The Track

A visit to Ferney forest reserve entails a trek on-foot of 3 km long which can last up to 1hr30. Visitors are encouraged to book for guided treks at either 10:00 am or 02:00 pm. Staff are equally present all along the track for non-guided visits for which the Vallee de Ferney transport ensures transfers of visitors from the Visitors’ Centre to the Valley every 25-30 minutes. Usual safety measures pertain to the use of adapted walking shoes, use of mosquito repellent, drinking plenty of water during the trek, keeping mobiles and pagers off when in the forest, no littering and no damaging to the animals and plants. Plant adopters will also have the opportunity of seeing their adopted trees in their natural setting.

Bois de natte -
Bois de natte grandes feuilles
Labourdonnaisia glauca

Bois Canne
Bois canne
Warneckea trinervis

Calophyllum tacamahaca
Bois de nattes petites feuilles
Bois de natte petites feuilles
Bois d'Ebene Noir
Bois d’Ebene Noir
Diospyros tesselaria
Bois d'Olive
Bois d’Olive
Cassine orientalis

Bois Tambour
Bois Tambour
Tambourissa peltata

Bois Canne
Bois Bigaignon
Psiloxylon mauritianum
Bois Clou
Eugenia bojeri


Restaurant & Souvenirs

The Ferney Lodge is a re-adapted and modernised hunting lodge turned into a restaurant. Of a sitting capacity of 70, the Restaurant is available at all the times of the year for group bookings, events, company/product launches at brunch, lunch and tea times. The Restaurant menu focuses on Mauritian dishes using local produce in terms of fish, deer and wild boar.
The Vallee de Ferney shop offers the opportunity for visitors to buy souvenirs, books and accessories at very competitive prices.

The Coffee museum and surrounding sights

Visitors have the opportunity, throughout their time in Vallee de Ferney, to enjoy magnificent sights of the mountainous South East region with a spectacular overlook on Grand Port bay and off-shore. The last part of the visit often culminates in a little tour of the small Coffee museum on the grounds of the Sugar Estate.