Nested within Bambou Mountains, La Vallee de Ferney is a nature reserve of 200 hectares which tends to preserve the native forest of Mauritius. With its unique biodiversity, the forest is a shelter for more than 100 plant species, and numerous animals, including vertebrate and invertebrate species.
Mauritius being the 3rd country in the world to have the highest number of extinct species, La Vallee de Ferney is a natural heritage that needs to be protected and presered for the future generation. La Vallée de Ferney sets out to become a reference for a raising community awareness and providing out-of-classroom educational experience with regards to biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.
La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust represents a public-private partnership between the Government of Mauritius and CIEL Group that came into existence in 2006. The Trust is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the natural habitats contained within the reserve.
A day at La Vallee de Ferney is a unique experience, a breath of fresh air; where you are completely disconnected from civilization and your everyday life routine. Get close to nature and help us protect the environment.

Come and visit La Vallée de Ferney!
Every visitor that comes to La Vallée de Ferney contributes to the work we undertake.

The more visitors we get, the more funds go into biodiversity conservation.

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Adopt a native Tree of La Vallée de Ferney now!


Adopt a Native Tree of La Vallée de Ferney now to help preserve the endemic fona and flora of Mauritius!

International Year Biodiversity 2010
La Vallee de Ferney is an official partner of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

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